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Les indignés du monde.2

Greek protester George Anastasopoulos, left, and Occupy Oakland protester Melanisia Carmilia Jacobs. « I got involved in the protests here after watching the Indignados movement in Spain, » Anastasopoulos says. « All these movements for democracy and justice and respect — these moved me so much. »





*Lina Ben Mhenni, a.k.a. A Tunisian Girl, a prominent blogger during the Jasmine Revolution, says, « Dictatorship can’t last. »

*Mahmoud Salem, a.k.a. Sandmonkey, Egyptian revolutionary blogger, activist and protester


 Egyptian protester Emil Samir, left, holds a sign that reads, « The People Want the Fall of the Field Marshall. » Occupy Wall Street protester Chelsea Elliott says, « I’m happy to get maced if it helps the movement. I’d do it again. »


*Hamada Ben Amar, a.k.a. El Général, Tunisian rapper whose song « Rais Lebled » became the anthem of the Jasmine Revolution. « We must not surrender our rights, these rights that we achieved through revolution and by eliminating this state called dictatorship in the Arab world, » he says.


 An Egyptian protester, left, holds a spent shell casing found after clashes in Tahrir Square. Right, protester Ahmed Aggour, a.k.a. Psypherize, an Egyptian activist, artist and blogger.


 Captain Ray Lewis, a retired Philadelphia police officer, was arrested at Occupy Wall Street in November. « Walking across that intersection handcuffed was the proudest moment of my life, » he says. Mona Eltahawy, an Egyptian-American journalist who was arrested and assaulted by police in Cairo, tweeted, « The past 12 hrs were painful and surreal, but I know I got off much much easier than so many other Egyptians. »



Les «indignés», place de l’Hôtel de Ville, à Paris



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